3875B-1 Standard Push Button Timer – 3 Wire

Standard Push Button Timer  – 3 Wire 3875B-1: Product Description

The Standard Push Button Timer is an energy saving device to switch loads for a pre-selected time period. It fits easily into a British Standard back box of 25mm depth and does not require a neutral. The timer can be interlinked in parallel with other Elkay timers to create multiply switching points. It can also replace an existing switch at the switch point to provide energy saving functionality by timing lighting off to avoid unnecessary power usage.

Standard Push Button Timer  – 3 Wire: Key features

  • 10A any load type
  • Can be retrofitted into any type of lighting wiring circuit
  • Can be interlinked with other standard push button timers
  • Time setting from 2 mins to 1 hour
  • 3 wire (Live, switch live and neutral)

Standard Push Button Timer 3 Wire: Typical Applications:

  • Commonly used to control all load types and appliances in any room including bedrooms
  • Suitable for retrofit into any type of circuit with a neutral
  • Suitable for use in any area where control will help reduce energy usage

Technical details of Standard Push Button Timer 3 Wire

  • 240V a.c. / 50Hz
  • 10A all load types
  • CE Marked
  • Complies with BS EN 60669-1, 60669-2-1, 60669-2-3.
  • 3875B-1 – Power Consumption 0.4W
  • 350B-1 – Power Consumption 0.7W
  • Flame Retardant ABS material
  • RoHS compliant

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ELKAY Timer & Sensor instructions

Part No. Description Configuration Finish Rating
3875B-1 Standard Push Button Timer 3 wire Master 3 Wire White 16A-240V

**Activator unit must be used with illuminated range for multiway switching and connected with 3 Core cables to Master unit.

Standard Pushbutton / Standard PIR Timer fitting – 3 Wire (for all load types)