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  • 380A-1 Microwave Motion Sensor

    The 380A-1 Microwave Motion Sensor is a high performance presence detector with built in Lux level and sensitivity adjustment. The unit sends out a high frequency sound wave over a range of up to 30 metres and is switched ON by changes to the sound wave caused by movement within the detection zone. With no changes to the sound wave, the unit will switch OFF after the adjustable time period has elapsed.

    The sensor has Lux level adjustment, measures the ambient light levels and prevents the lighting being switched ON when there is sufficient light in the room. It also has a sensitivity range adjustment pot.


    • 16A any load type (requires Capacitor PFCC-1 for all types of low wattage and LED loads)
    • 3 wire (Live, Switch live and Neutral required)
    • Wall mounted for best coverage but can be ceiling mounted if required.
    • Lux level/Daylight adjustment
    • Clip on front cover to conceal screws
    • Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Option to retrofit into existing systems
    • Time setting from 2 mins to 2 hours
    • 15m to 30m detection range utilising an elliptical beam

    Typical applications

    • Suitable for lighting, heating, ventilation systems and contactor coils.
    • Suitable for use in any area where control will help reduce energy usage
    • Suitable for High bay, warehouse, sports halls gymnasiums, classrooms etc

    Technical details

    • 240V a.c. / 50Hz
    • 16A all load type
    • CE Marked
    • Complies with BS EN 60669, 60669-1, 60669-2-1, 60669-2-3.
    • Power Consumption 1W
    • Flame Retardant ABS material
    • RoHS compliant

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