400NE Columbus® Electronic Timer

The Columbus Electronic Timer (2 wire)

The Columbus Electronic Timer (2 wire) is part of the Elkay family of switches, timers and detectors which save energy and increase convenience in and around your home, garden or premises.

Columbus Electronic Timer – Features:

  • For fluorescent (5A) and incandescent (5A) lighting and LED (5A) ONLY
  • Available in white finish
  • No neutral required
  • Timings from 20 seconds to 25 minutes
  • Replaces existing single gang wall switch
  • Capacitor only required when switching low wattage loads below 10W
  • Easy loop in and loop out terminals
  • Can be linked together in parallel

Typical applications of Columbus Timer Switches:

  • The unit can be fitted to existing single gang switches, making it a perfect low cost energy saving solution in areas such as stairways, corridors and storerooms.
  • Very popular with people who have difficulty in operating switches due to the ease of switch operation.

Technical Details of Columbus Timer Switches:

  • 240V a.c. / 50Hz
  • 5A all load types including resistive, inductive, fluorescent and LED lighting
  • CE Marked
  • Complies with BS EN 60669-1, 60669-2-1, 60669-2-3.
  • Power Consumption 0.5W
  • Flame Retardant ABS material
  • RoHS compliant

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ELKAY Timer & Switch Instructions

NOTE: PFCC-1 Capacitor will often be required when switching certain types of load

Part No. Description Finish Rating
400NE Columbus Electronic Timer White 5A-240V

Columbus® Electronic Timer fittin
Typical Circuit for Corridor Lighting (i.e. Lights will stay on until last timer goes off)

NOTE: Capacitor will be required when switching compact fluorescent or very low power lighting. For example: 2D fittings, energy saving lamps, LEDs or any low power consuming loads and must be used across contactors