376A-3 Illuminated PIR Timer – 3 Core

376A-3 Illuminated PIR Timer – 3 Core: Product Description

Illuminated PIR Timer – 3 Core 376A-3 is a stylish, electronic time delay activator switch for inter-connection with any master timer control. Any co009077mbination of activator units can be wired to any master, thus giving a variety of activation functions in one area all operating from one central master (Only one master per circuit).

Activator switches must be used with an Elkay master timer from the Elkay family of switches. The activator activates the master unit and cannot be used on its own.

376A-3 Illuminated PIR Timer – 3 Core: Key Features

  • 16A any load type
  • 3 core – Live, Switch live and Trigger required to connect to master
  • No Neutral required
  • Blue Locator ring
  • Must be connected to an Elkay master timer. (Only one master per circuit).
  • Fits into 25mm depth back boxes
  • Typical applications

Illuminated PIR Timer – 3 Core: Typical applications

  • It can only be used with the master switch when multiple switches are required. Any number of activators can be used in circuit and can also replace intermediate switches.

Technical details of 376A-3 Illuminated PIR Timer – 3 Core

  • 240V a.c. / 50Hz
  • 16A lighting load
  • CE Marked
  • Complies with BS EN 60669, 60669-1, 60669-2-1, 60669-2-3.
  • Power Consumption 0.5W
  • Flame Retardant ABS material
  • RoHS compliant

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Part No. Description Configuration Finish Rating
376A-3 PIR activator 3 Core** White 16A-240V

**Activator unit must be used with illuminated range for multiway switching and connected with 3 Core cables to Master unit.

Two Wire Master with Pushbutton, Touch or PIR activator

Plan View for the top diagram and Side view for the lower diagram Elkay PIR Occupancy sensors will detect any person passing the wall mounted sensor and switch on the load connected.