770A-2 Illuminated PIR Timer BSS 3 wire

770A-2 Illuminated PIR Timer BSS 3 wire: Product Description

770A-2 Illuminated PIR Timer for the ultimate in reliability this stylish, slimline PIR timer is activated on detection of moving body heat. The PIR timer is a fully automatic device which controls lighting and other loads through the detection of moving body heat, providing a contemporary solution to energy saving. The contemporary commercial and domestic decor. An internal light sensor can be adjusted to keep the lighting off when the chosen ambient light level is reached increasing the energy saving potential of the PIR timer.

770A-2 Illuminated PIR Timer: Key Features

  • Passive Infra-Red movement sensor
  • Stylish stainless steel flush plate
  • For general purpose loads including resistive loads, LED, incandescent and fluorescent lighting
  • Re-trigger function
  • Concealed fixing screws
  • Last minute indicator
  • 16A any load type
  • Blue Locator ring
  • Lux Level setting
  • Override OFF capability
  • 360o detection utilising an elliptical beam
  • 5 – 7 m detection range
  • Time settings from 2 mins to 2 hours
  • Timings start from last detection

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Part No. Type Configuration Finish Rating
770A-2* PIR timer 3 Wire Flush plate 16A-240V

PIR Timer fitting – 3 Wire (for all load types)